Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Doctor Who project at KTEH

Sorry, no updates for a while... I was finally finishing all the "How Who Are You?" videos for KTEH. This was a six month project that was produced by Stacy Bond and Becca King Reed. The goal was to interact with the Doctor Who fans in KTEH's audience by having a video competition that would allow the winner to host several evenings of Doctor Who on KTEH. Behind the scenes photos and essays can be viewed at:

It began with a sample "home made" video that would accompany the contest announcement email. This was to serve as an example that the participant's submission didn't have to be a professional video.

Next was an on-air :30 promo for the contest to air on KTEH. It can be seen from 2:00 to 2:30 in this Doctor Who pledge break appearance, which also promoted the competition.

The competition ran for a few months and there were nine qualified entries. These were edited into three 5:00 promo reels that ran on-air for six weeks to encourage voting.

After viewers chose their favorite, a date was set for the studio shoot with the winners. They did the wraps live to tape, and also passed-off some field tapes they had shot. There were a total of eight studio segments and three field packages to edit.

The whole project was a lot of fun for me to work on, as a fan of both PBS and Doctor Who. The commitment of the winning fans and their in-studio guests was unbelievable and it was a completion of a circle for me. I first started watching Doctor Who on the PBS channel from Ohio University in 1985 and it was one of the things that influenced me to pick a career in TV production.