Friday, December 18, 2009

Local tie-ins to Ken Burns' "National Parks"

After my volunteer work on the Doctor Who project wrapped, the next episode of KTEH's "This Is Us" was crunching just a little. Everything was shot, but now there was a stack of segments piled up in the edit room at KTEH. I was asked to edit two of the packages, working as a paid freelance editor this time.

First was the story of Betty Soskin. There was a good amount of new video, plenty of HD-sized pictures and some bits of SD archive video. Also, the writer was a pro who knew how to hand off a script with all the music cues marked and the stills numbered. Always a nice thing when you're editing something you didn't produce yourself.

The story of the Buffalo Soldiers was a little more challenging. The pictures were just too small for HD. There were over a hundred of them, though, so there was a workable solution. I went to KTEH for two days and didn't touch the Avid. I sat at Photoshop and constructed scenes by layering pictures on top of one another. I became good friends with Magic Lasso selector and Soft Erase brush that week.

The weekends that I was working on these two packages was probably the highlight of the year for me. My full-time job is for a great company, but it isn't a media company. It feels good to be in an environment where everybody is a media maker and speaking the same language.