Friday, August 15, 2008

notes from Social Media camp last month

Social Media Camp
July 15th, 2008

*relationships matter

*social capital must be spent, not money, to make site popular.
therefore, your personal reputation for your conduct matters.
selling puts a stink on you.

*influence is not convincing people but conversating with people.
doing better listening, in public.

*seven categories of social media--
blog (wordpress, etc.)
social networking sites (twitter, myspace, flickr, youtube)
aggregators (friendfeed)
democratized content network (digg)
virtual network platform (second life)
edited (fark)
user news (technorati)?
(....actually I lost track here. Sorry.)

*Purple Cow story
reference to Seth's book from a few ago.

*playing of a Richter Scales video
Lane Hartwell's picture? not sure
supposed to be cute jokes, but having heard Lane's story= not funny.

*"De-so" de-socialized network.
new word to me

*Facebook as silo again.
another reference to the import-only nature of Facebook.

re-inforcing earlier point about listening, selling, personal conduct.

*random James Turrell and Quaker story.
cool because I like both of those things.

*books= Now is Gone, Whuffie, Never Eat Alone, Clue Train
recommended reading from the speaker

YooNo - browser tool to post/read everything all at once.

* DigiDave: winner, Knight Foundation - community journalism
* pitch stories, contribute micro-money to fund the reporter.
* Other experiments -,, representative journalism.

"Social Capital"
This was new stuff to me.
* Mobile is making money- more people have cell phones than any other toy or tool.
* Using the infrastructure of the telcos to be both your distribution and your international banking network.
* People buy things, it gets added to phone bill, paid 30 days later.
* Users can also trade their allotment of minutes for "cash" that gets applied to the phone bill. People can give minutes to each other, make payments to each other, all piggy-backed on the phone company.

Motivating contributions from users -
"please register" at front door= people walk away.
(missed this session)

Personal Blogging
use wordpress, be honest. wow....

"Social networking for people with lives"
This was pretty good, but I think the MySpace slammers are cutting off their noses to spite the Fox empire. (Anything with millions of users can't be ignored, even if it isn't your cup of tea. It still exists.)
* simple tools, no myspace, twitter, be authentic.
* don't spam. be unique, avoid mundane. tweet no more than 25 times per day.
* effective facebook - only mail, photos, events, your social map.
Do Not do all those applications, or even excessive notes.
* never forget your email is your most important social network.
* new word: BACN - not spam, but the emails associated with other network's notifications.
* apps: Twiteriffic or Twhirl - floating widget for twitter, instead of refreshing page.

Raines community thing
-cool introductory powerpoint that got shoved aside by time - that sucked.

(WOW. Bang zoom. This was clearly a very cool thing that I was seeing for the first time.)
* live videostreaming from your cell phone
* citizen journalism, life-casting, event casting.
* includes chat on the screen to the videographer.
* automagically upload videos to YouTube, etc.

(This was good as well.)
"Internationalize Your Business"
* European View of Web 2.0 blog =
* 51% English, much broadband, good exchange rate.
* europeans do not use credit cards, they use e-banking.
* europeans do not use facebook or craigslist.
* use the Euro date stamping, put the euro sign last, make phone tabs conform.
* monday is first day of the week.
* Europeans do not have social security numbers.
* don't auto-translate language, let user read english.
* always give the UTC or GMT.
* Europeans do not understand brands class associations (like WalMart vs Target)
* $30 shipping to europe is only 15 euros shipping to them. Don't let your own shock stop you from offering international shipping.

Basic introduction to common ideas.
* webcam real life
* time lapse - gather, then post your videoblogs
* mobile - Qik, laptop with Sprint EVDO card or windows mobile phone.
* monetize - video overlays, banners, product placement. users= not much cash.
* examples:,,

Thank you to BarCamp for putting on the show. As usual, there were things I didn't like and things that were new to me. These events are put on for a diverse crowd, so you have to be patient with the things that aren't really hitting your own personal main line. I always like to believe that six months from now, somebody will ask me a question on one of these topics and it will already be vaguely familiar to me because I've seen it at one of these events.

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